Christmas and Caterpillar Soup

I pity the caterpillar. He spends his existence crawling around, eating leaves, only to eventually enter a cocoon where his body completely disintegrates. He liquifies. He turns into caterpillar soup. Of course, he then emerges as a beautiful butterfly, and a new chapter begins. 

But I wonder how he feels as he approaches the cocoon. Does he know what lies ahead? Does he understand the complete disintegration that awaits him, and afterwards, the transformation? How does he feel about it? 

I have no idea if caterpillars possess the sentience to understand their destiny. I don’t know whether God in his wisdom granted caterpillars with the gift of foresight. But I imagine, if I were a caterpillar, I would be terrified. 

If I were a caterpillar, I would be terrified.

Transformation is scary. 

Transformation makes no promises. 

Transformation is a venture into the unknown. 

Many of us have faced painful transformation. We have lost things important to us. We have lost dreams, lost people, lost parts of ourselves. It is painful. It is frightening. We have no idea what awaits us on the other side, no idea of who we will be, no guarantee we will be OK. 

Yet transformation is possible. 

You and me are not the same people we were a year ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago. We might have seen significant changes in our lives in the past month, or even in the past week. We are constantly changing, evolving, learning, re-shaping ourselves. 

Transformation is possible.

Transformation is not only possible, it is necessary for healing. And it can be totally reinvigorating. It can be an adventure. It can change our lives.  

This Christmas season, you may be facing some challenges. Maybe the pain of singledom is hitting home. Maybe the grief of childlessness is resurfacing. Maybe your chronic illness is flaring. Maybe, like our friend the caterpillar, you feel like your life is totally disintegrating. 

Let God help. He can ease the pain of transformation and walk with us through the darkest days. He can bring the light of hope to our blackest nights. He can remind us that even when we feel like caterpillar soup, transformation into the glorious butterfly is still possible. 

Let God help. He can walk with us through the darkest days.

The worse things get, the closer we inch toward the new beginning, the next chapter in our story, the tale yet to be told. 

Take heart. Something wonderful may be just around the corner. 

What do you need this festive season? Do you need support, hope, prayer, time to grieve? Who can help you with this? Share your story. Let’s have a countercultural conversation. 

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