Steph’s Music

Latest song:

Angel At My Keyboard – a bittersweet remembrance of the daughter I wanted to have, whom I never met, yet I miss her and grieve for her. YouTube link here

In Between – a song about COVID-19, medical scares and the agony of waiting. Watch on YouTube or below:

Worship Suite – a medley of passion, communion and intimacy (Unrestrained, Linger and Fragrance). Watch here or below:

Start Again – a song of repentance. Watch here or below:

No More Bitterness – the song is as fun as it sounds. Watch here or below:

River is now available, watch now:

Pewsitter is online! Watch here or below:

Haven is now online! Watch here or here:

Lord of the Oceans has arrived! Watch the full lyric video on YouTube or below:

Lamentations Song has been released online! For the full lyric video on YouTube, watch below or click here:

There is also a blog of the same name on this site. check it out (under “blogs”) for the full story behind the writing of this song.

“Lives on the Line” is now available on YouTube with lyric video! Check it out here:

Or just watch below.

For the behind-the-scenes story on what inspired me to write this song, check out my blog of the same name.