I hereby resolve not to make any New Years’ Resolutions.

Ok, maybe just one.

It’s so easy, isn’t it? We make these promises to ourselves with the turn of the year. We commit ourselves to a worthy cause or new endeavour or old dream and vow to make it happen. There is something about a new year that seems to inspire hope and optimism.

“This year will be different. This year it will happen.”

Like most people, I have hopes and dreams for 2019. I tend to avoid making formal resolutions, because they are so difficult to keep. That is why I didn’t actually realise I had a goal for this year until I resolved not to make any resolutions. (Ironic, ain’t it?)

I now acknowledge, despite my misgivings about making resolutions, there is indeed one simple thing I really want to achieve this year.

I want to finish my book.

Not just because I really wanted to finish it last year and feel bad about that. Not just because it will feel good to have the thing done. Definitely not just because I will feel embarrassed about the fact that I have talked about a book for the last two years without actually producing one.

It is mainly because I am convinced I need to do this.

Don’t get me wrong, there is not a scrap of ego in this New Years’ Resolution (ugh, my skin crawls just using this phrase). I do not think the world will crumble without my words. I do not think my book is vital to the future of humankind.

But somehow, strangely, it feels vital to me. It feels like I must do this. There is a sense of urgency in my soul, a driving force, compelling me to finish.

Is it God? Is it me? I have no idea.

I just know I need to finish this book. And not just finish it but put it out there.

So what is your goal for this year? Finishing a project? Losing weight? Starting exercise? Whatever it may be, I hope that it lasts beyond January. I hope that you get a real bee in your bonnet about something worthwhile and just go for it.

You never know – there may be something vital, even God-given, in your resolution.

Are you a resolution-maker? Is God prompting you to focus on something specific this year and get it done? What one thing can you resolve to achieve this year, above all else?

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