Surgery for Easter

On Maundy Thursday

As the world holds its breath for Good Friday

I will be slowing down my breath

For surgery.

As we remember the Last Supper

Held in memory of the Passover

I will be passing out

On a cold surgical table.

I will awaken

In time for Good Friday

Lying motionless in recovery

As the world slows to a standstill

And remembers

The death of our Saviour. 

While others feast on hot cross buns

And chocolate eggs

I will be taking in fluids

And breathing in and out

On the day our Saviour 

Exhaled for the last time. 

Surgery will give me

A new lease on life;

And they plan to discharge me

On Easter Sunday.

I will arise from my hospital bed

As people sing rapturous songs

About our risen Saviour.

I will head home 

To the ones I love, 

As Jesus presented his resurrected self

To his disciples. 

As I rest and recover

Over the following weeks,

I will remember the One

Who died and rose again

So that I could be released

Not just from hospital,

Not just from physical pain,

But from all the pain and suffering

That sin and this world have to offer.

Because he rose,

I have a new lease on life

In him. 

And I look forward to the day

When I will rise

One last time

And be with him

In a place

Where surgery will never be needed again,

Where pain is a distant memory,

Where tears are wiped away for good. 


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10 thoughts on “Surgery for Easter

  1. I love the way you have compared your experiences with Jesus’s. He identifies with us and we can identify with him in small ways.

    Hope you are on the mend.

    • Hi Susan, I love that about Jesus too! He can truly identify with us in our pain, and our pain gives us a glimpse of his humanity. Thanks for your kind words too, I am on the mend now.

  2. Thank you, Steph. For helping us see “Easter” through new eyes, ones of pain not sunshine and chocolates. As you said, that doesn’t change the triumph and comfort of the Easter message. Thanks for that.
    Hope the recovery is going well! All the best.

    • Hi Dienece, yes the pain of Easter is crucial and one we tend to skip over all too easily. I know I do! Yet the relief and wonder is real too. Thanks for your kind words too, I am recovering well.

  3. What a precious parallel you’ve shared here Steph! Bring on Sunday!
    I hope the surgery went smoothly, and that you have a better than textbook recovery!
    Praying that what you’ve shared above comes to fruition, just as you said, that you’ll be pain free as a result of the surgery.

    • Hi Karen, thanks for your well wishes and kind words! The surgery was successful, and I’m recovering slowly but surely. God is with us through these challenges. Hope you are keeping well x

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