No More Bitterness

When you write a song and play it for people you are supposed to do a little spiel beforehand where you talk about the meaning behind the song. It’s a bit of a “behind the scenes” approach to song exposition. Being a bit of a rule-follower myself, I now present the story behind No More Bitterness.

The song-story is supposed to be deep and meaningful. It is typically based on a profound spiritual revelation. It is meant to challenge, uplift and impart wisdom. Trouble is, I’m not sure that No More Bitterness is that kind of song.

I wanted to write a song that was fun. If you have listened to my other songs on YouTube, you will have noticed that my writing tends toward the serious and satirical (which is often another form of serious). So I wanted to do something different. I decided to write a praise song in Country and Western style.

Why Country and Western? I think the more pertinent question is, Why not?

So I wrote No More Bitterness. I thought about all the ways in which God has challenged and changed and enriched my life. I reflected on how He has freed me from entrapment by negativity. He had done – and continues to do – freeing work in my life. He relieves me of my burdens. He stays close by me. And He gives me the promise of taking me to another place when I die, the place where He lives, a place called home.

Turns out No More Bitterness may have a deep, spiritual side after all.

I think the biggest difference Jesus has made in my life is to take care of my burdens. We all take up burdens in life, some inflicted by circumstances and some of our own making. We can become weighed down by these burdens or, worse still, accustomed to them. We can forget how to lay them down and live liberated.

Thankfully, Jesus invites us to cast our burdens upon Him. I’m so grateful for that. When (and if) I remember to throw my baggage upon Him, it changes everything. I can breathe easier. I stand tall. I am at peace. No longer hampered by bitterness, I can walk with my head held up.

When life gets serious and burdensome, may No More Bitterness bring relief, fun and praise into your life!

Watch the YouTube video here, or here at Steph’s Music.

What difference has Jesus made to your life? What burdens do you need Him to take care of today?

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