My Writing Tribe

There’s lots to love in a writing conference. Workshops, speakers and bookstalls for that all-important retail therapy. It’s a great chance to network and and garner contacts for editing and publishing, something all writers need (whether we are aiming for traditional or self-publishing). 

But there’s one thing I love most about these kinds of writerly gatherings. 

It’s the sense of camaraderie. There is something special about gathering with other creatives for the explicit purpose of honing and sharing our craft. It gives us a chance to ask questions, gain wisdom and encourage one another. 

I find this essential for my writing. As with most creative work, writing is done in isolation. We sit down with our pen and paper (or other writing device) and disappear into our own world for hours at a time. While this is a lovely experience, it can sometimes result in feelings of isolation. 

As with most creative work, writing is done in isolation.

Sometimes we forget there are other writers out there, having the same experience as us. 

That’s why I think writing conferences and other gatherings are so crucial. We need to reminded we are not alone, even though we may work alone. Even us introverts need meaningful connection with others. So it’s great to connect with that special tribe of writers who truly understand. 

Writers have had much input into my own writing. Because of other writers, I now understand about dangling participles (sort of). I appreciate the importance of editors and beta-readers. I have grasped the benefits of treating non fiction writing like fiction in that it is simply another form of story-telling. 

These are benefits I would never have gained without a writing group.

These are benefits I would never have gained without a writing group like Omega. And it means that everything I write has a support team of other writers behind it. They are deserving of just as much credit for the work I do. 

The added benefit of being affiliated with Omega is the writers are Christians. We can worship together, pray for one another and encourage each other in pursuing God in and through our writing. The sense of solidarity is wonderful. 

There’s one more thing I particularly love about my writing tribe: We are all just a little bit crazy. 

We are all just a little bit crazy.

In order to be creative, to develop new ideas, to push the boundaries of creativity, we have all been wired just a little bit weird. And I love that. I love chatting to writers who are rebelling against the writing mainstream. I love writers who challenge the status quo of traditional publishing. 

And I love that feeling of knowing I belong, because I am just a little bit crazy too. 

I’m looking forward to the Omega online retreat kicking off at 7pm tonight. If you are a writer, or you want to be one, why not join me? You just might find your tribe. 

Do you have tendencies toward writing or another creative pursuit? Do you go to writing conferences, and if so, what do you get most out of them? Would you recommend them to others? Share your story. Let’s have a countercultural conversation. 

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