Lamentations Song released online

Here it is! Lamentations Song is now on YouTube for your viewing and listening pleasure!

We had fun putting this lyric video together. Most of the photos were taken in a little place called Little Beach, an out-of-the-way intimate bay hidden somewhere on the south tip of WA. We stumbled upon it while on holiday and I immediately felt it would be a perfect backdrop for Lamentations Song.

The beach was secluded so there were few people there. We could pretty much do what we liked in terms of photography. We just used a iPhone to take these photos, a testament to the beauty of today’s technology. In the end, we took so many photos that the phone ran out of memory!

The wind was freezing cold – it was southern WA after all. In some photos you can see my hair being blown about; it was all I could do to withstand the force of the wind at times! But there was also a refreshing power in that wind, as though it had the capacity to rip my worries and burdens from within me and toss them into the sea.

So when you see me sitting and standing by this beach, you are seeing a person experiencing the uplift of wind and beauty. Standing on that beach, I had the words of Lamentations Song running through my mind. It was the perfect place to quietly hope.

I hope this song brings you as much enjoyment as we had in producing it.

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