Come to the Garden


Come to the Garden

There was a young lady in Sydney,
Who’s lifestyle was terribly busy,
Til one day inside her,
She heard a small whisper:
“Come to the garden with Me.

“My garden’s a place for refreshing,
An oasis from worldly enmeshing.
The air will revive you;
It’s beauty inspire you;
Come to the garden and see.

“I’m missing you here in the garden;
Lovesick for you in the garden.
So I have been waiting,
Yes, anticipating;
Come to the garden with Me.

“I know just how hard you’ve been working;
I know in your mind you’ve been searching.
The years have been draining,
Your love has been waning;
Come to the garden with Me.

“In suffering, heartache and thriving,
My garden is ever abiding.
I’ll linger here for you,
My singing will call you:
Come to the garden with Me.

“It’s just through the back door;
Come with Me once more;
Come to the garden with Me.”

© 2017 Steph Penny.

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