Tiptoe through the Tulips

This stunning photo was taken while on holidays recently. It was a sight to behold: dazzling colour in the midst of vast stretches of green fields. One could hardly believe that such vivid colours were possible.

The air was cool but not cold. There was the slightest hint of rain, and indeed, a few drops began to fall as I wandered through the flowers. The kaleidoscope of pinks, reds, yellows, purples and whites was breathtaking. I slowly inhaled as my eyes took it all in.

The tulips were set in rows with shallow ditches in between, allowing visitors to literally tiptoe through the tulips. Naturally I could not pass up the opportunity to walk amidst such beauty. I carefully trod along the rich red soil, avoiding the occasional stray tulip that reached to breach the divide between the rows.

I noticed the odd flower of contrasting colour mixed with the groups of tulips. In the red section, there were random yellow tulips with streaks of red running down to the stems. In the pink section, the occasional white tulip announced its presence without a trace of apology. It was startling to see these contrasts of colours and it made the overall tapestry of tulips all the richer.

As I walked amongst the mural of colour, I couldn’t help but reach out to touch the tulips. It wasn’t enough to merely observe the beauty; I felt drawn to the flowers, to connect with them. I wanted to be a part of that tapestry, if only for an afternoon.

Walking among the slender creatures of colour made me think of God. Bear with me. Beautiful things, artistic creations, invariably take my thoughts to the Creator of this world. If this field of flowers can take my breath away, I thought, what else is God capable of creating? What wonders await us in heaven?

Being immersed in flowers also reminded me of my relationship with God. It is not enough for me to know about God, to write about God, even to sing to Him. I want to know Him, to feel that connection with the Creator. I want to be immersed in Him.

An afternoon in a tulip field can do wonders for the soul. Imagine what an afternoon with the Creator could do for us.

But what good, you may ask, is a single afternoon in the grand scheme of things? What difference does a field of tulips make in the midst of a troubled world? It makes all the difference. Like a single cup of water on a hot day; like a friend appearing in the midst of our isolation; like a piece of good news after an interminable period of suspense; a single moment of beauty can change our mood, our mindset and even the state of our faith.

God’s beauty can be a breath of fresh air in our crowded, relentless lives. I think the trick is to tiptoe through the tulips whenever we have the opportunity.

What difference does God’s beauty make? All the difference in the world.

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