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Surviving Singledom was born out of my experience of difficult singledom. Being single is not a unique experience, yet the single lifestyle can be fraught with frustration, exclusion and doubt. In the church, many people marry at a particularly young age, and this can be difficult for Christian singles who find themselves in the minority.

Which was my experience.

During my single years I sought information on how to survive perpetual singledom. However, I found little was written about singledom when compared with the available literature on, say, marriage or parenting.

I felt this ought to change.

So I decided to write a book about the myriad of issues facing Christian singles today. It is a compilation of my own and other singles’ experiences, the highs and lows of being single in a society enamoured with romance and marriage.

If you are single, have friends who are single, or minister to single people, then Surviving Singledom is for you. 

Radio interviews:

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‘Whether it’s social isolation and awkwardness, unhelpful comments from others, dealing with sexual tension, dating, self esteem, healthy relationships, Steph Penny has written about it with sensitivity, honesty, and also humour. I would recommend this little book, not only for those who are single, but for anyone who wants to gain more understanding about human relationships.’ – Dr Carol Preston, Psychologist and Author

‘I found Steph Penny’s debut book Surviving Singledom refreshingly honest, disarming and easy to read, despite its dealing with weighty and, at times, tricky issues. The author has an engaging, gentle, “chatty” style and her quirky sense of humour also shines through, something I suspect will enable every reader to feel understood and somehow appreciated. An excellent, practical little book that has much to say to any reader, whether married or single, especially about enabling everyone to feel included and also about holding onto our faith and hope in God.’ – Jo-Anne Berthelsen, Speaker and Author


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