Surviving Singledom: Or Hang In There!


Surviving Singledom is an encouraging book that unpacks the challenges of being single in church and in society. It explores how single Christians can hang on to their sanity and ultimately live for Christ—regardless of their relationship status.


Surviving Singledom is for single Christians and those who love or support single people. The debut book in the Survival series, Surviving Singledom explores how churches and society often ostracise single people and how our churches can be more intentional around caring for their singles. We explore how single people can cope with the challenges of singledom and how they can live for Christ, regardless of their relationship status. This small book packs a punch with touches of humour, without shying away from the hard subjects—everything from sex to spirituality to sanity. Surviving Singledom makes the perfect gift, either for yourself or the single people in your family or church.

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