Blessed Are…

Blessed are the bin collectors

For as they clean our filth

And remove our baggage,

So God will cleanse their hearts

And remove their sins from them.

Blessed are those who care for others

Behind closed doors, in bathrooms, at the breakfast table

For even though they are not Mother Theresa,

And have not her notoriety or fame, 

Yet the Father sees what they do in secret

And will care for them.

The Father sees what they do in secret

And will care for them.

Blessed are the receptionists

Who welcome and guide

With shepherd-like grace. 

They will be welcomed

By the Good Shepherd. 

Blessed are the charity-workers, 

The volunteers, 

Those who earn nothing with their efforts, 

Whose wages are in heaven. 

Blessed are the unemployed, 

The poor in wallet and spirit, 

Who store up riches in heaven,

Who cannot provide for themselves,

But trust in the Great Provider. 

Blessed are the construction workers

Who create something out of nothing

And emulate our Creator. 

Blessed are the veterinarians

Who bring comfort to our loved ones—

More often closer to us than people. 

They will be comforted 

In their hour of need. 

Blessed are the gardeners,

The lawnmowers and landscapers, 

Those who tend God’s creation. 

They will be tended to

Even more than the wildflowers. 

They will be tended to

Even more than the wildflowers.

Blessed are the car mechanics, 

Those who toil under cars and bonnets

And keep us rolling on. 

The Lord will guide them in their travels. 

Blessed are the funeral directors

Who sit with the grieving

In their season of pain. 

They, in turn, will not be alone

In times of trial. 

Blessed are the dishwashers

Who assist in providing for our culinary needs.

They will find their hunger satisfied.

Blessed are the farmers

Who care for cattle and crops

To provide for the populace. 

God will provide their salvation. 

Blessed are the dry cleaners

Who air our dirty laundry,

For God will wash their laundry clean

And they will be dressed in white. 

God will wash their laundry clean

And they will be dressed in white.

Blessed are the checkout operators, 

Those who scan barcodes

And pack our groceries securely,

For they too will be securely gathered

In our Father’s arms. 

Blessed are those with apparently menial jobs, 

Looked down upon by others, 

Perceived as less-than or inferior. 

God will lift their heads. 

Blessed are those

Who work well and willingly

As though the Lord were their employer;

Who wanted another job, 

A profession, a trade, a parenting role,

But who persist in their work anyway. 

For God sees all who work in secret

And rewards them. 

Do you feel less-than because you have a particular job, or *don’t* have a particular job: a pastor, a professional, a parent? How might God be working through your work? How has God blessed you—and others—through what you do? Share your story. Let’s have a countercultural conversation.

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