A Lonelifying Christmas 

Merry Christmas

To the bodies that let us down

At the most wonderful time

Of the year.


Merry Christmas

To the illnesses that strike

During last-minute shopping,

To the last-minute doctor’s appointments,

To the hope that this is nothing serious.


Merry Christmas

To the cancelled plans,

Disappointed relatives,

Uneaten food. 


Merry Christmas

To the guilt that rises

Like bile in my throat,

To the presents ungifted, 

To the crackers unpopped.


Merry Christmas

To the lonelification of illness, 

To the shrinkage of my world,

As I let people down yet again. 


Merry Christmas

To the blame, 

The shame,

The worry that this will be as good as it gets,

The depressed thoughts that it already is. 


Merry Christmas

To those who know, 

Whose bodies tell the story,

Whose minds are on the brink of meltdown,

Who find Christmas lonelifying,

Who understand,

Who empathise. 


Merry Christmas

To the One

Who stepped into our humanity

To offer not gold nor incense

But himself,

His own broken body. 

We are not alone. 

Merry Christmas. 

Do you find Christmas lonelifying? Does your illness get in the way of your plans? Has God been present in the lonelification? Share your story. Let’s have a countercultural conversation.

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