Lord Forgive Us


In the past week I have received many comments from people about Pewsitter. The most memorable among these was the prayerful comment of a pastor: “Lord forgive us.” My reply to him was that I too feel convicted by Pewsitter about my spiritual state. In fact, every time I listen to Pewsitter, I get fresh niggling worries about my proneness to wander from God.

Feeling convicted is a healthy response to Pewsitter. Once we have let the words really sink in, once we have let the niggling sensation in the back of our minds fully bloom into certainty that Pewsitter applies to us, once we have realised that we are not immune to Pewsitter-type attitudes, we may feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Conviction is an important and necessary part of walking with God. Some consider it to be a vital part of praying for revival. (After all, if one is to ask for revival, one ought to know from what state one is being revived.)

So I urge you to let this song speak to you and convict you. It is not about being condemned – condemnation is not from God and is centred on how inadequate we are. In contrast, conviction ushers our hearts right into God’s presence so that He can deal with our brokenness. Conviction leads the way to forgiveness, repentance and wholeness.

Having said that, it can be hard to know how to pray once seized with conviction. Words can seem inadequate. Tears and anguish cannot atone for our sin. It is confronting to realise that our love for God does not inoculate us against our tendency to wander away from Him, again and again.

So I wrote a prayer of confession and repentance, for those seized with Pewsitter-penitence. It is inspired by the comment of the pastor and I hope it may become your prayer also.

Lord forgive us

For all the times we sat in a pew and thought it was all about us,
Lord forgive us.
For all the times we complained about a situation that was none of our business,
Lord have mercy.
For all those times when our criticism has hurt others,
Lord forgive us.
For all those times when our unwillingness to help has impacted someone else,
Lord have mercy.
For all the times we couldn’t be bothered praying for the church,
Lord forgive us.
For all the times we have avoided repenting,
Lord have mercy.
For all the times we took the church for granted,
Lord forgive us.
For all the times we looked upon our brother or sister in disdain,
And so have treated Christ with contempt,
Lord have mercy.
Lord, have mercy on me,
A Pewsitter.

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