Surviving Childlessness


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Surviving Childlessness is a book for those who are childless through circumstances, childless-not-by-choice, childless by a medical condition, or childless for any other reason.

We, the childless, were unable to have the children we wanted. We grieve the loss of children, the loss of hopes and dreams, the loss of opportunity, and sometimes, the loss of faith.

This book brings thirteen childless stories to life from around the world. You will read their tales of tragedy, IVF, miscarriage, early menopause, donorship, faith, grief, hope and healing. You will also read my own story of becoming childless-by-forced-choice. With a few tears, a little laughter and lots of furbaby references (especially to my rescue cat, Portia), we find ways to survive the devastation of childlessness.

There is a special chapter set aside for friends and family who want to support their childless loved one. Ever worried about saying the wrong thing to your childless friend or family member? This book is for you.

This book is also filled with tales of church sermons and services gone wrong, and how churches can be more inclusive of childless people. If you are a pastor, minister or leader in your church and you want to know how to better support the childless people in your congregation, this book is for you.

If you are childless for any reason other than free choice—if you are sick of being told to ‘relax’ or ‘be grateful’ for your childlessness—if childlessness has affected your relationship with God—if your ’dependent’ is a furbaby who follows you everywhere, including the toilet—then Surviving Childlessness is for you.

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